Desk jobs and advice from a kitty

A student recently told me about how much he had put his body through over the years – from grueling marathon races and college football to a disciplined martial arts practice. “But I always tell people that the worst abuse I ever did to my body was take a desk job,” he said.

Most of us can relate. Hours at a desk can wear on our lower backs, shoulders and necks. First causing strain and stress to the muscles, and later to the vertebrae themselves. To counter the toll of a desk job, we need to be proactive. Try these.

1. While seated, maintain correct posture and align the ears, shoulders, and hips.

2. Take regular breaks every 30 minutes and walk around to stretch the legs and increase circulation.

3. Always stretch your neck, shoulders, chest and back each time you get up from your chair. (this last one offered by our incredibly flexible and relaxed KitKat)


About Breathing Mountain Yoga

Teaching and living a life devoted to listening to & honoring the connection of the body, mind, Spirit. Curiosity, presence, and openness are a part of the journey. Asanas (poses), breathwork, and meditation are all equally important aspects of my classes. Be well. Namaste.
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