Living close to the bone

I opened my inbox this week to 3 emails from students who wouldn’t be in class. Two had back problems and one had a broken elbow. (disclaimer: these are not Yoga injuries) As the week progressed, another student suffered excruciating back pain from an old injury and another received a sad diagnosis of cancer deep in her chest cavity.

Later, while talking to a friend about therapies to assist the healing process from his fall, I reheard this – we are always in the process of healing. Whether it is physical, emotional, or spiritual – we are all perpetually in recovery.

And yet, in the midst of suffering, grace is present. Taking a few mindful breaths and looking up from our troubles – we can see that in this moment we are often ok and that there is so much – in and around us – that is awe-inspiring.

It reminded me of a recent study by Johns Hopkins University on how the psychedelic drug psilocybin (magic mushrooms) triggered lasting personality change. I was curious about the article after reading the title stating that the drug had created a permanent personality change in participants who now felt much younger and more open. During a 3-hour session, one participant revealed that he began to see everything as exquisitely beautiful and then he’d remember “how painful and … messy it all was” causing him to both laugh and cry.

Whether it comes through a spontaneous insight or a conscious breath, maybe a key to living well is being able to touch what is there, look up from and with our suffering, and see each moment as both exquisitely beautiful and painfully messy.


About Breathing Mountain Yoga

Teaching and living a life devoted to listening to & honoring the connection of the body, mind, Spirit. Curiosity, presence, and openness are a part of the journey. Asanas (poses), breathwork, and meditation are all equally important aspects of my classes. Be well. Namaste.
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